• M81 - Bode's Galaxy

    12 million light years away, Bode's Galaxy is similar to our own Milky Way, containing about 200 billion stars.

  • The Veil Nebula

    A huge supernova remnant, the Veil Nebula covers as much sky as about 6 full moons.

  • The Crescent Nebula

    At the center of the nebula, Wolf-Reyet star WR136 is shedding its outer layers to form the bubble of the nebula.

  • Markarian's Chain

    Part of the Virgo Cluster, this impressive series of galaxies forms a visual chain.

  • M45 - The Pleiades

    Also called the seven sisters, this cluster of super hot blue giant stars illuminates the nearby interstellar dust.

  • M13 - The Hercules Cluster

    About 25,000 light years away, the M13 (in the constellation Hercules) contains roughly 300,000 stars.

Latest Images

NGC5033 – Spiral Galaxy

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NGC5033, at a distance of about 40-60 million light years, is a spiral galaxy with beautifully “flailing” arms, roughly the same...

Moon – Waxing Gibbous (Dec 20, 2015)

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Waxing gibbous moon taken Dec 20, 2015.  Two panel mosaic with an SCT 11″ with .7x reducer, each panel about 30...

NGC2403 – Spiral Galaxy

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NGC2403 is an intermediate spiral galaxy near M81.  At about 10 million light years away and 50,000 light years across, the...

NGC7635 – The Bubble Nebula Wide-field

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Revisiting the Bubble Nebula from last year, the area surrounding the Bubble is rich with nebulosity and cluster M52, making it...

IC443 – The Jellyfish Nebula

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IC443, The Jellyfish Nebula, is a supernova remnant in the constellation Gemini.  At roughly 5,000 light years, the Jellyfish sits near...

IC5070 – The Pelican Nebula

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The Pelican Nebula is next to the North American nebula (in fact part of it is visible on the left of...

M74 – Spiral Galaxy

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M74 is a beautiful grand-design galaxy in the constellation Pisces, but is also fairly dim and hard to see visually. Captured...

M45 – The Pleiades

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M45 – The Pleiades or Seven Sisters is a favorite of mine.  A relatively close star cluster, the dust the cluster is...

NGC1499 – The California Nebula

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NGC1499 is a huge nebula resembling the state of California (hence the name).   At roughly 2.5 degrees wide, a full moon...

Sh2-155 – The Cave Nebula

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Sh2 – 155, The Cave Nebula, is a wonderful narrowband target as it includes areas of emission and reflection nebulae.  The...

NGC6888 – The Crescent Nebula

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The Crescent Nebula has a number of designations: NGC6888, Caldwell 27, and Sharpless 105.  Captured with a Tak FSQ106 and QSI683...

The Veil Nebula

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The Veil Nebula (Narrowband).  The Eastern Veil (top) in its entirety, and about half of the Western Veil on bottom.  Captured...

First Quarter Moon

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Quick shot of the moon at sunset with a hydrogen alpha filter.  The image was taken at 6:41pm, 5 minutes after...

Markarian’s Chain

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Markarian’s Chain (named after the astrophysicist who discovered their common motion) makes up part of the Virgo Cluster of galaxies —...

M96 – Galaxy

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Although M96 is comparable to the Milky Way in terms of size, is a relatively small galaxy from our vantage point at...

M78 and Barnard’s Loop

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M78 is a gorgeous reflection nebula near Orion. Barnard’s Loop, towards the right, forms a huge (relatively speaking) emission nebula ring...

M101 – The Pinwheel Galaxy

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M101 is a gorgeous spiral galaxy about 21 million light years away.  Roughly the same size as our own Milky Way...

M13 – Hercules Globular Cluster

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M13 — the Hercules Global Cluster (so named as it’s in the constellation Hercules) — contains about 300,000 stars.  This object is...